The Joy Jacket by Chalk & Notch

You guys, as I sit here eating Raisinets (hush, they are TOO delicious!) I am congratulating myself on probably my most complex and glorious sew to date: Chalk & Notch’s new Joy Jacket. I conquered a separating zipper (easier than any other I’ve sewn!) and bagging a jacket, not to mention hammering vintage grommets and threading  cording through too-small of a channel (my own fault). And the end result is just spectacular, if I do say so.


After checking with Gabriela, I chose a double-sided rayon/poly twill from Style Maker Fabrics, and the peachskin lining was purchased from FabricMartFabrics a while back. It was originally meant to be a blouse, but you know how that goes.

Choosing the main color was difficult, but after much soul-searching I opted for the gray with black accents so they’d best match the zipper, and I even remembered to cut the collar facing the matching coordinating color!


After much grommet debate–silver? black? charcoal?–my husband convinced me that brass was the way so the hardware would match.  I agree that it was the right choice and looks rather professional.


The weight of this particular jacket is also excellent for my mostly-warm climate, and you could certainly choose materials to match yours! I would love to make a breezy Tencel version with a  hood for rainy weather, but this medium-weight and very soft twill is heavenly for chilly mornings plus a heavy marine layer.


The optional topstitching details also lends such a professional result and I’m so happy I went the extra mile. I’m still adhering to my resolve to add pretty details to my garments and this was a no-brainer. And the lined pockets are another sweet detail, though you can’t see them here.


My favorite feature of the Joy *might* be the secret flamingos on my lining. In fact, now I’m going to use #secretflamingos as a hashtag, just wait. How fun is this unexpected pattern? Be sure to look through the tester photos because the beautiful lining surprise is easily half the fun!

I can’t even begin to explain the confidence I’ve gained sewing this jacket successfully! Now it seems that nothing looms as too complicated or too hard to work through and I see a marvelous year of sewing challenges ahead of me now.

Purchase your own copy of the Joy Jacket pattern available today from Chalk & Notch.

Circle Cardie by Rebecca Page

I’ve had a wild and woolly past few months of sewing, friends! I’m attempting to scale back pattern testing a bit (which is so difficult when it’s constantly tempting!) so that I can concentrate a little more on sewing garments on my personal wish list. I also jumped in whole hog to the 52 Week Sewing Challenge which is keeping me busy.  However, with all that said, of course I wanted to leap right in on Rebecca’s new adorable cardigan! I treasure my short coldish months in southern California, and a snuggly sweater is a perfect way to embrace the chill.

Who doesn’t appreciate a simple sew with lovely results? Every time I went to iron the sweater, I had to chuckle because there are no side seams to press.  Ease of construction plus a flattering drape and I’m sold!

I started with the pretty ruffled version in the shorter length. I had first cut the ruffle from a rather loose weave sweater knit and I realized that it wasn’t going to hold up well, so I swapped it for some floral Liverpool that I got in a scrap pack from LA Finch Fabrics. This versions is a lot like wearing a built in scarf and I love how it looks from the back!

My second version is French Terry from Mily Mae Fabrics, and this is the most gloriously silvery sparkly French Terry of all time! Because the fabric is the star here, I opted for the simplest option and just hemmed all the way around.  Now I have an awesome little shrug that I can easily toss on over a tee or wear over a little black dress. Options!

My third version is the longer length paired with full length sleeves for best all around coverage and coziness.  This pretty burgundy sweater knit was also picked up recently at Mily Mae because I’ve been madly working through my sweater stash and had to stock up! The extra length really highlights the drapiness; so sweet and feminine (and warm). And I’m proud of myself for momentarily escaping my gray/black wardrobe with a pop of color.

I’ve been mulling over that sweater band that I discarded, and I might have to make a fourth Circle Cardie to try out my idea of doubling it over to see how that stands up. But even without it hanging in my closet yet, I have a stylish few weeks ahead!

Scoop up your own copy of the Rebecca Page Circle Cardie and get cozy!

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