Ladies Sansa Flare Pants by Bella Sunshine Designs

Pants, all the pants! Sometimes I’m dying to try out a new pattern and sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me and I sign up to sew something that I’m not sure about.  Flares fall into the latter category for me because I carry my weight in my butt and thighs and my concern was that these might highlight the obvious rather than balance me out. Enter the BSD Sansa Flares (aff), my latest pattern test.

My first go at them was in a 4-way ponte with no alternations other than blending sizes.  The pattern is drafted for a taller body that mine, so it helped me figure out that the thighs were a little too long. I was DELIGHTED with how easy the pattern is to sew together: one mirrored piece + elastic = pants!  How often do you get to say that?



My second go was in a very resilient double knit, and I used it inside out since I liked the textured darker color.  (Plus the right side was so very soft!) I shortened the thigh 5/8″ and got the flare in just the right place.  However, this oddball fabric gave me a run for my money; despite having the required stretch, it has such a snappy lycra content (or some other reason I don’t understand) that the waist didn’t reach its intended height, so I added the yoga waist band instead. Bonus belly compression! This is a testament to how much a fabric type can influence a pattern’s fit if there ever was one.



And when these turned out so lovely, so flattering and swingy and fun, I could not resist making one last pair using the above fabric, but this time right side out.  I got creative and was hoping that using the higher rise waist would allow me to use elastic and make them mid-rise, but alas, no.  So high-rise yoga band they are!

P.S. The above camouflage shirt is the Maggie Top, (aff) also from Bella Sunshine Designs.



Why yes, it is perfectly reasonable to wear a cowl neck sweater and sandals!



It was kind of exhilarating to run the gauntlet of pattern options and find what I like best.  And so satisfying to have such a great fit so fast.  This is the thrill of jumping into a garment test you’re unsure about, you periodically win the gamble!  Don’t mind me as I sashay my way through Fall in all my new comfy flares.

Go grab your own copy of the Sansa Flares pattern! Regular sale is Friday, December 8th – Friday, December 15th Ends at midnight EST. Members of the Bella Sunshine Designs Facebook group can grab a coupon to save a little extra on December 7th!