Oakley Vest by Love Notions

Whoops, there went a month!  Here I am in November, and it’s time to start thinking about the cooler weather that might *actually* happen one of these days.  Enter the Love Notions new Oakley Vest (aff). I was super unsure of how I felt about this particular garment and it raised important internal questions: Am I a vest person? Am I a faux fur person?  And happily, it turns out I am both!


Oakley feels totally glorious to wear; the right heft, I have full range of motion for chasing small stinkbugs (aka my boys), and petting the fur FEELS so good!  As an unexpected bonus, I got extra kid hugs wearing this bad boy. We all win!

Before I dove into the wild and wooly world of the fur, I muslined an earlier tester version in wool melton and mystery lining. I’m amazed at how warm this one is (and this material was a piece of cake in comparison).

My eyes are opened to this newfound article of clothing that I no longer fear and I’m looking forward to making another view of Oakley to wear this season – my double-sided gray quilted knit arrives this week!


I can’t wait to debut this over Thanksgiving! Grab your own copy here: Love Notions Ladies Oakley Vest and its adorable little twin the Acorn Vest (aff).  Stay cozy!