The Frida Top and Dress from Designer Stitch

Add this one to the mistakes-were-made-but-I-love-it-anyway shelf.  The Frida is a take on the lovely vintage style Mexican blouses full of embroidery.  I don’t embroider, nor could I hunt down a suitable embroidered border print fabric that I loved, so I went with a more modern all-over embroidered cotton fabric for my top length garment.


It’s a delight how Ann challenges her testers to push their comfort zones and stretch to a higher fashion territory.  I’m pretty good and sticking with what I like, so I appreciate the (ahem!) gentle nudge.  My first choice (which I have yet to make) was a chambray-colored rayon with incredible drape, so I’m taking baby steps in the right direction.

And my mistake? I sewed my pin tucks inside out. The horror!  But, boy, do I hate seam-ripping since it mostly ruins the experience for me, so here they stay.  I’m pretty sure they’ll go unnoticed by the general public and just bother me alone.


This is another beautiful pattern that challenged me; I more frequently sew knits which are far more forgiving, and the Frida forced me to get into the precision-sewing mindset. I love the details like the puffed sleeves and button closure at the back of the neck (which  I failed to get a good picture of) that make it feel upscale.

Frida pattern available at Designer Stitch.

One thought on “The Frida Top and Dress from Designer Stitch

  1. I love love love that fabric and the design. Close-ups show the detail you spoke of and they make the top look all the more professional and beautiful. Those shoes are a great addition.


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